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My comedic metal cover of “GHOSTBUSTERS” as if done by my favorite band GHOST has made a major splash with all the major rock/metal press just in time for Halloween. Raves have poured in from Metal Injection , Kerrang! , Revolver and many more. Special thanks to LOUDWIRE for starting the fire. And of course, Hail Satan!


Combined YouTube plays for the songs on WATT's EP "Eye Of The Storm" (Including "Eye Of The Storm", "Last One Standing", "You're Gonna Know My Name" & "The Me In Me") have reached the 60 MILLION mark and show no signs of stopping. "Eye Of The Storm" has eclipsed 9,000,000 streams on Spotify. Thanks to the fans in the worlds of military service, hardcore gaming, MMA, wrestling and Nightcore for the love. NEW MUSIC on the way for 2019!



I got the chance to go the FULL MONTAGE with this 80's throwback track and vocal performance for MASSIVE MUSIC LA. Step into the proverbial Danger Zone and enjoy!


I'm Jolly to share this trailer for BETTER WATCH OUT, featuring my twisted cover of "Deck The Halls"! (from :55) Definitely more naughty than nice, it's Home Alone + Ultra Violence--so play it low if you have a grown-up job. Thanks again to my friends at Riptide Music Group for making it happen!



"EYE OF THE STORM" EP Now on iTunes! 


1,000,000+! To celebrate one million Spotify streams of my single "Eye Of The Storm", my friends at Riptide LA have put together a new EP featuring 6 WW songs to make you feel unstoppable. Includes "The Hammer", as heard on UFC. It's my honor to hug your ears and make you feel swole!


4.10.16  MUSIC ON UFC:  Here's my new original song "The Hammer" going into battle with the warriors of UFC on last week's "Road To The Octagon" series. 

3.19.16 According to Rolling Stone (click pic below) We had a great one-off show at The Cafe Carlyle with Lena Hall and Michael C Hall...doing what else, Radiohead! Got to whip out the new P bass and channel Colin Greenwood. This time in public. 

12.02.15 LENA HALL featuring Musical Director WATT WHITE in NEW YORK TIMES: I'm proud to be Musical Director of a show that brings both Metallica and Hole to the Broadway cabaret stage...Lena Hall is bringing it people!!! Click below for the review:

11.2.15 SUBLIME WITH ROME (IS NOT THE SAME THING AS SUBLIME) Hey guys I'm super psyched to share this new hand-animated puppet video for a song I co-wrote with the always wordy, never wack MC Lars. Is a half-reunited band still that band? Watch and let me know how you feel...

10.13.15 LENA HALL - 54 Below Show coming! I'm thrilled to return as Musical Director of Lena Hall: The Villa Satori, the autobiographical show coming to 54 Below in NYC. Carlyle was the tip of the iceberg...click image for more info/tix.



9.29.15 LENA HALL: SIN & SALVATION - Live At The Carlyle produced by Watt White I'm happy to announce the release of Lena Hall's new live album we recorded this past April during our run at the Carlyle in NYC. I produced and mixed the album plus 2 great studio-recorded versions of our David Byrne-approved arrangement of "Psycho Killer" and "Take Me To Church". 

9.28.15 MC LARS + WATT: California's #1 Nerdcore champ, the thinking man (and woman)'s MC, MC LARS will release "The Zombie Dinosaur LP" this October. WATT co-wrote several of the tracks, including "Sublime With Rome (Is Not The Same Thing As Sublime)" (featuring Roger Lima of Less Than Jake) "If I Were A Jedi,  That Would Be Hella Awesome"  and more to come.  The LP also features Kool Keith, Suburban Legends and more. 



9.28.15 NEW SITE! Excuse the emptiness on the site, it was just born. Check back soon and I'll look more impressive. 


9.20.15 MOONSHINERS SEASON 5: I'm already buzzed to be doing the music for another hit season of Discovery Channel's MOONSHINERS with Octave Music. Shine on. 


4.25.15 WATT WHITE MUSICAL DIRECTOR for LENA HALL So honored to be rocking the hallowed walls of The Carlyle with the one and only Lena Hall! I think we're on our way to stripping at least one layer of paint so far...

3.15.15  I was honored to write the lyrics for a number of songs with French artist Lulu Gainsbourg (son of legendary Serge Gainsbourg) for his latest album LADY LUCK, including "The Cure" a duet with Anne Hathaway. Click below to listen.