NYC based Composer-Singer-Songwriter

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WATT WHITE is a multi-talented Composer, Singer, Songwriter and Producer based in New York City.

His 2017 EP "Eye Of The Storm" has generated 60,000,000 Youtube plays, including the viral hits "Eye Of The Storm", "You're Gonna Know My Name" and "The Me In Me". He is working on a follow-up EP for 2019. 

As leader of NYC Punk-Metal band The SmashUp, he toured the US, Canada and UK with Megadeth, Deftones, and the full Vans Warped Tour, logging 30,000 road miles and earning fans nationwide as well as video play for his self-directed video “No Name” on MTV and FUSE.

Watt composes the original music for Discovery Channel’s smash hit show “Moonshiners” , Nat Geo’s “Live Free Or Die” , "Dirty Rotten Survival", "Great Human Race", "I Am Rebel" and more. 

Watt’s one-of-a-kind 2-D Metal Puppet videos include the viral hit “Take Off Your T-Shirt If You Can’t Name A Song By The Band That’s On It”, which has earned a combined 500,000 plays on YouTube and FunnyOrDie–and counting.

Watt spent time as guitarist and musical director for Tony Winning Broadway rock diva Lena Hall, and produced her debut release "Sin & Salvation - Live At The Carlyle", recorded during their 2 week run at the legendary NYC venue.

Watt collaborated with nerdcore rap icon MC LARS on songs for his  2015 album The Zombie Dinosaur LP, and directed the puppet video for their co-written song "Sublime With Rome Is Not The Same Thing As Sublime"

Collaborating with French artist Lulu Gainsbourg–son of legendary Serge Gainsbourg–Watt co-wrote his 2015 album “Lady Luck”. Songs include “The Cure”, a duet with Anne Hathaway.

Watt performs the voice of the “Rocking Troll” in season 2 of Nickelodeon’s “Wallykazam”

Watt sings the theme song for WWE Superstar Zack Ryder

Watt co-wrote and produced several songs on the 2010 EP “Branches” by Danish Indie singer/songwriter Amalie Bruun, now known as Myrkur.

Watt’s acclaimed solo rock EP “Dare Anything” won him the 2008 Songwriters Hall Of Fame Abe Olman Scholarship Award for “Impossible”, and tracks “Bullet”, “Beat You” and “Times That Try” have appeared on ESPN, NBC’s The Biggest Loser, MTV’s Road Rules/Real World/Keeping Up With The Kardashians, dozens of national TV commercials and many more.

Watt’s composition “Down and Derby” was named “Official Party Anthem” of the Kentucky Derby on the Banshee Music release “Party Up At The Downs”. Watt’s “Never Gonna Kill Us” (with The SmashUp) appears in the feature film “Feast”, and his cover of Misfits “Die, Die My Darling” appears in the film “Peace Of Mind”. He most recently scored the short filmsTHE ROBBER BARONS OF WALL STREET and  KIDWALKER, and the comedy series MANFEAR.

Watt has run at least one mile every day since 2/21/94.


“…he has to sing in at least four or five different characters when he sings…hella kewl!!!”  –  Dave Mustaine (MEGADETH)

“a magnificent throat-shredding performance from frontman Watt White…” – Kerrang! Magazine UK

Vocalist Watt White sounds absolutely psychotic while delivering the album’s vocals, both during the raspy, shouting vocals, and the more reserved singing. His tone and inflection just sound so manic, so depraved, that you really do think that the man is completely insane. The volatility is strangely engaging, so much so even that you’ll pay extra close attention to a lot of these songs just for the chance that you’ll get to really peer into what’s making him tick. It’s an odd dichotomy, one that remarkably does work in some instances. Just the fact that he could fly off the handle at any moment, and even during what seem to be relatively tame moments, White’s voice just has that ability to grasp a listener and make them pay attention.” – Punknews.org

Main photography by @yungwolf.co & @yama_oka