Lowe’s Metal Anthem Unleashed!

My Lowe’s “Nailed It!” Metal Anthem for Sticky Audio Labs has just dropped. You’ll be seeing a lot of RIFF and his helpful wailing in the months to come.

WATT & MC LARS…Yes Yes Y’all

Hey guys check out this teaser video by MC LARS, featuring PICKLES from the upcoming kids’ show “YES YES Y’ALL!’–that I am doing the music for! Expect kickin’ it old skool, learning about literature, puppets, and killer songs featuring MC LARS, WEIRD AL YANKOVIC and many more…

Moonshiners XXX

What a great show to be doing the music for! Our collection of Cigar Box Guitars is growing faster than Tickle’s buzz by 7:15am on a Tuesday. MOONSHINERS is setting records!

WWIII Metal Puppet Videos in Film Fest

WWIII’s Metal Puppet video “I WANT TO BE A FASHION BLOGGER” will be screened 12/1 at the Iron Mule Short Comedy Film Festival, a monthly event at the prestigious 92y TriBeCa. More to come in future screenings!

WWIII: The Battle At IKEA

1 Man. 2 Hands. 1 Take.

“30 Seconds To Midnight” is WWIII’s long awaited follow-up to 2007′s RETARDED. Following in the footsteps of the classic “Take Off Your T-Shirt If You Can’t Name A Song By The Band That’s On It“, the Insane 2-D Metal Master of PPTZ is back. Prepare for an onslaught of evil vocals, sleazy riffs, cheap jokes and cheaper production values as WWIII rolls out the freshly birthed spawn of a twisted metal mind.  Coming Soon: WWIII Merch!


I have penetrated the scales of The Blue Beast herself with my musical broadsword of Metal Might!